Inspiration, Investment or Wasteful Distraction?


One last computer written quickie, I am toying with the idea of getting a reproduction 1960s rotary phone. I think they look really cool, and would mean I could have a little retro desk area with typewriter and so on.

Not my main desk for work, although I have now hidden my modern computer underneath and added a snazzy theme to make my windows look older. Another gadget I am looking at is some retro headphones to really help with the 80s/90s vibe.

That said, I probably should stick with my more modern and better quality headset for work and currently I do not even have a phone plugged into the landline… I simply do not need either one.

Well, I may have to compromise with the radio idea too. I was convinced on buying a modern internet radio designed to look vintage. The thing is, it has a digital display, of course, for DAB radio and my best chance of getting my BBC fix.

Would I be better off saving my pennies (well, cents) and trusting myself to only use my Alexa speaker for radio access? A very 21st century way of hearing the radio, voice command, but without the digital display tech. A puzzle.

I am not worried about the look of my tech, but having a 60s feel in at least one little area would inspire me to keep going.

So far, having already had most things I have only needed to spend €12.99 on an analogue watch. Apparently, I do not own one any more. I am also only days away from needing to renew this domain, it literally sat here for a year doing nothing. That will be another €18.

The radio I am seriously considering is about €40. The other unneeded extras would be another 50-ish in all. So, not ridiculous, but is it really necessary to spend anything more?! I do not know

Let’s see how things go over the next few days, before I officially drop digital tech.

I almost forgot, or decided not, to share those photos. Nothing spectacular, but gives you a better idea of what I am waffling on about.


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